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  • Planning and Design

  • Good planning is the key to successful wireless network deployment.


    QuickFixOnline wireless networking solutions include the most effective Wi-Fi planning services in the UK. Our experts draw upon long experience of wireless LAN design and installation to conduct rigorous, realistic surveys of your working environment, providing robust foundations for your Wi-Fi services.


    A comprehensive plan for your Wi-Fi network will ensure that you invest no more than is necessary, and that you get the secure and reliable Wi-Fi coverage you need.


    Surveys and Modeling

    Using our own specialist modeling software, we can create a plan of any building and design a solution. Where necessary, we can test our plans in existing buildings that match the design and usage patterns of the new premises. We have even worked with Second Life models. So, if you are moving to new premises, or opening a branch office, we can plan your wireless network even before you move in.


    This level of planning and testing gives you extra reassurance that your investment in wireless will deliver what your organisation needs.


    LAN2LAN’s wireless consultants have long experience of working with these specialist desktop Wi-Fi planning tools. We can achieve a very high level of alignment between the model and the actual deployment, saving time and money when the real installation is completed.


    Inter-building Connectivity

    Our clients are using wireless backhaul to provide point-to-multi-point connectivity on multi-building campuses. We are also deploying point-to-point wireless connections where Wi-Fi offers a suitable alternative to a wired connection between sites.


    Wireless Intrusion Prevention System

    QuickFixOnline provide an integrated suite of Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS) to secure your wireless infrastructure against unauthorised connections. We leverage experience from our Security Consultancy to recommend holistic secure and accessible network solutions. Our wireless security consultants can design a solution for your organisation that provides a range of specialist functions:


    • Identification and alerting of Wi-Fi security risks at head office and remote sites
    • False positive filtering to highlight genuine threats
    • Location, blocking and removal of unauthorised Wi-Fi devices, including access points
    • Reporting for regulatory compliance and internal security audits
    • PCI DSS compliance


    QFX WIPS is an essential component of any network that must comply with the PCI DSS standard for chip-and-pin card transactions and data protection.



    ” You always hear if there’s a problem, and I haven’t heard a peep since we rolled out the Websight infrastructure. The planning and surveying QuickFixOnline completed at the beginning made the rest of the deployment very straightforward. Now we’ve got Wi-Fi that works everywhere, making our flagship office a truly agile workspace. ” 

    Network Engineer, websight.co